The Embed

You can get the embed code from the Dashbaord > Store settings > Looop Embed and paste it in the head of your Webflow site.

The embed code looks like this:


Every store has a unique store id. You can find the store id in the Looop Dashboard.

Steps to add the embed

  1. Go to the Looop Dashbaord and copy the embed code.
  2. Click open button to open your weblow project setttings or manually go to your webflow project settings.
  3. Paste the embed code in the Custom Code Tab > Head Code section.
  4. Save the changes and publish your site.
  5. Click Test button in the Looop Dashboard to test if the embed is working correctly.


If you are having trouble with the embed, please reach out to us by clicking help ? icon in the top right corner of the Looop Dashboard or by sending an email to