How Looop works

Looop empowers you to create a Shopify storefront in Webflow using Looop Attributes. Looop Attributes are custom attributes that you can add to any HTML element in Webflow to connect it to your Shopify store. These custom attributes are used by the Looop Embed to find elements in your site and add Shopify powers to them.

Why use custom attributes?

Custom attributes are a way to add extra information to an HTML element. They are not visible to the user but can be used by other programs to identify and manipulate the element.

Developer experience

Custom attributes provide a user-friendly and No-code way to add custom functions to your Webflow site. You can add them directly in the Webflow Designer, and they are easy to understand and manage. Plus, you can use our official Webflow designer app to search for custom attributes and then apply them to your elements.

Using dynamic CMS values

Looop attributes are designed to utilize dynamic CMS values for custom attributes in Webflow. To learn more about assigning dynamic CMS values to custom attributes, check out the Webflow University.